Aramis Participates in Gay Pride Parade in Chicago

7月 09 2014, category: Actions : Americas, by: Sharon
The 45th Annual Gay Pride Parade was held in Chicago on Sunday, June 29 and the local representatives of ARAMIS in the Midwest were there to make our presence known.

With an estimate of over a million people in attendance, this almost four hour parade proved to be an excellent opportunity to spread the message about our support of ARAMIS in Chicago.

Alejandro, Justin, Eduardo, and Larry carried the torch for ARAMIS. The TEAM enjoyed the moments together in passing out numerous flyers, in taking turns holding our posters high above the throngs of spectators, and in explaining the focus and meaning of our organization on every possible occasion.

We enjoyed a special treat to be there. Thank you brothers for your support; and thank you Maitreya Rael for making us aware of this wonderful philosophy that supports diversity on all levels and unconditional acceptance for all human beings.

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