Aramis USA congratulates Greta Christina, the author of "Coming Out Atheist"

9月 20 2014, category: Headlines : Americas, by: English

Dear Mrs. Christina,

We can only imagine how busy you are with the publication of your new book – which we look forward to reading – yet we remain hopeful you will stumble across this letter in all your correspondence. We write to you today with sincere support and congratulations from Aramis-International for coming out as an atheist and inspiring others to do the same.

You may have heard of our organization from all the media attention we get each time we engage in something controversial or when we proactively seek justice for the rights of LGBT communities worldwide. Our approach is simple: whether we agree or disagree with the cause we are fighting for, we will always defend people’s right to freedom of thought and expression even if this means taking the case to the Human Rights highest office.

As an LGBT, pro-atheist organization, (there aren’t many of those ☺) we are very supportive of individuals like yourself who have dissociated themselves from conventional religious institutions and who are not afraid to promote atheism in a positive and enlightening way. We believe you are a great source of inspiration to the many who are out and to the many who are still on the fence and who only need a bit more guidance in order to make that big step into the light and express their true atheism. What a liberating feeling, they will come to realize.

There is no doubt that atheism is gaining a lot of momentum in this god-loving country, and we firmly believe that there will be a day when we will no longer see the word “god” printed on our currency and in the pledge of allegiance. It will be a long road but we will get there, thanks to all of us who care about giving atheism a chance to thrive.

Aramis members agree with the Message given by the Elohim, Creators of humanity in laboratory and they support Maitreya Rael in spreading this new explanation to the GLBT community worldwide, about The Origin Of Mankind On Earth (
Elohim: a plural word found in the original Bible which literally means « those who came from the sky » and this word was mistranslated by god, in singular form.

Rael has been the only Religious Leader to stand up for the rights of sexual minorities to live and flourish sexually, in complete freedom and equal in rights to all other human beings.

« Each person must live an harmonious sexual life corresponding to tastes and natural tendencies » Rael

Lastly, we think you are so right when you say, "It's really striking how much better life gets for non-believers when they come out of the closet." We could not think of ending this letter on a more positive and ‘spot on’ note ☺

Bravo to you and again, thank you for all that you do.

With great respect,

Michele Laforce
Head of US Aramis-International

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