Aramis-International Korean members support marriage rights for LGBT.

9月 09 2013, category: Press Releases, by: English
Seoul-September 7- 2013 Aramis Korea had very successful activity for THE RIGHT SAME SEX MERRIAGE in Seoul . Even if Aramis-International raelian philosophy is not in favour of CIVIL marriage: a contract between 2 persons, we support the equal right for same sex to marry for those who want to choose it.

Lian, Aramis Korea leader and 17 Korean members joined it. 4 ET characters marched along the road to the wedding place with holding pickets in their hands. Other members handed out the leaflets specially to LGBTs. ETs with pickets, dancing with music near wedding stage had their picture taken by many people and medias.

Aramis-Internationnal in Korea had a good chance to introduce our goals and gave their support to the bridal couple by taking photos together and gave them the Elohim message book as a gift.

It was a nice opportunity to spread the message of Elohim to many LGBT people who attend the wedding , and it was an effective opportunity for Korean Raelians Aramis members to talk about the raëlian philosophy.