Letter of congratulation to Mariela Castro - Cuba

7月 04 2006, category: Headlines : Americas, by: admin
Dear Ms Castro,

We are absolutely delighted by the news REUTERS published on June 29 2006, concerning the various revolutionary actions, which you pose for greater tolerance and wider respect for sexual diversities in Cuban society.

In the name of all the members of ARAMIS (Raelian Association of Sexual Minorities), I would like to congratulate you and also extend all the support of our spiritual and religious leader, RAEL, founder of the International Raelian Movement and initiator of our association.

The prophet Rael has been entrusted with the task of delivering a message to all human beings explaining the origins of humanity on earth ( His mission is to awaken people so that we can be released from the yoke of antiquated religions loading humans down with sexual guilt. Sexuality, fully lived in all its diversity, and differences provides a precious source of peace and love for humanity, not one of war and violence.

Your courageous actions concur exactly with those Rael has been carrying out for over 30 years. He would be very honored to meet a revolutionary person like you. We are prepared to facilitate just such a meeting with our religious leader, as soon as we have your consent.

With your revolutionary actions bringing respect for sexual diversity you are elevating Cuba to the most advanced country, not only in Latin America, but in the Americas as a whole. Congratulations! You have our full support.

Receive the expression of our best greetings, Ms. Castro.

Pierre-Paul Bourque